The Jeff Minder Show

To own your ideas, your intellectual property and to have the right to start a business to exploit your own ideas is as much germane to the pursuit of happiness as owning real property in America. Both are indeed the makings of the pursuit of happiness.

Nothing says “American” like the inventor and the entrepreneur, the man or woman willing to take the risks to turn dreams into reality.

The mechanic who wants to open his own repair shop, the engineer who wants to create a new technology and hire his family to build the end result.  The farmer who plants, harvests, and markets his own crops,  the combat veteran who opens a restaurant, the biologist who wants to cure cancer, the financial wizard who analyzes businesses to the benefit of himself and his clients, or the vet tech who wants to open her own dog training business.

America is the land of opportunity; the place where we can each, through our individual desire and sacrifice, rise to the top or fail forward based on our own abilities and desires to succeed.

The Undefeated – with Jeff Minder is a program that promotes Capitalism, rugged individualism and property ownership.  The things that made America great to begin with can make her great again!

Catch Jeff’s show on Talk 107.5, WJHC on Mondays at 6pm ET.  He can also be heard via the Internet stream at