JSO: Man shot in head drives self to parking lot, calls police

A man was shot in the head Sunday, then drove himself to a nearby parking lot and called police, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office said.

The man was driving near the Southside Boulevard exit ramp on J. Turner Butler Boulevard when people in a dark-colored vehicle started shooting at him, police said.

The man drove himself to a parking lot on Southside Boulevard, just south of Touchton Road, near a Jason’s Deli restaurant, police said.

Police found the man conscious and talking despite having a single gunshot wound to his head.

The man was taken to Memorial Hospital for treatment.

Man shot to death in SUV on Lem Turner Road

A young man was found dead just after midnight in the driver’s seat of an SUV on Lem Turner Road, about three blocks north of the Ribault River, and Jacksonville police are trying to find out who he is and who shot him.

Police believe he was 18- 25 years old.

“It looks like the shooting occurred on the east side of the roadway on Lem Turner,” Jacksonville Sheriff Office Sgt. Chuck Ford said. “We will be working with the state attorney’s office and the medical examiner’s office to assist us throughout the night.”

Evidence technicians were processing the vehicle and the area where detectives believe the shots were fired. Lem Turner was closed in the area while the investigation continued. The road reopened about 6:30 a.m.

Two bullet holes were seen in the SUV’s back window as it was being towed away.

In addition to the SUV, the windshield of a black car in the area was damaged by gunfire with shards of glass on its hood and a JSO victim-witness pamphlet tucked under the windshield wiper. Police have not confirmed if the damage was specifically from a bullet.

A neighbor who wished to remain anonymous told News4Jax that, “It’s a decent neighborhood if you don’t have problems with people.”

Edward Ross, who goes to a church down the street, is taking the shooting as an opportunity to do more community outreach.

“Well, I feel like if we try to get more young people out in the church, we won’t have so much shooting and violence going on at night,” Ross said.

Police said they were interviewing a couple of witnesses, but had no leads into who fired at the driver.

“If anybody in the community in this area or anybody knows what may have happened, certainly call us,” Ford said. “Call Crime Stoppers and help us with this senseless homicide.”

Crime Stoppers’ number is 866-845-TIPS. Callers can remain anonymous and be eligible for a cash reward.

Bullying often behavior developed in home, health official says

An alarming number of students say they’ve been bullied at school.

Colleen Rodriguez, with Jewish Family and Community Service, said 25-33 percent of students report being bullied at school. That figure includes spreading rumors, name-calling and shoving.

Rodriguez said bullying is often a learned behavior that’s established in the home. Some children who bully others may have learned the abuse from their parents and then re-enact that behavior in school.

“Unfortunately, very often it is at home. So part of what we need to do as parents is to role model kindness and respect and acceptance,” Rodriguez said. “So often children that are perceived as different due to race or sexuality are the ones that are that are targeted.”

The signs can begin as early as elementary school. Rodriguez encourages parents to be mindful of how they speak to their child and those around them.

Rodriquez said whether your child is the bully or the victim, everyone suffers. Victims are prone to higher rates of suicide, and bullies are more prone to alcoholism and depression.

“It’s not just one group that suffers negatively from bullying, it’s everyone involved,” Rodriguez said.

Health officials say the following are signs of being bullied:

Personality changes

More quiet than normal

No longer around the same children

Changes in sleeping or eating patterns

Rodriguez said there is hope if a parent consistently makes an effort to teach their child a new behavior.
If you believe your child has been bullied, talk to them in a casual moment and ask open-ended questions.

For help, contact the Jewish Family and Community Services at (904) 448-1933. Rodriguez also encourages parents to contact a mental health therapist and notify their child’s school.

Teen shot leaving McDonald’s just off I-95

An 18-year-old was shot in the leg Saturday night as he was leaving the McDonald’s restaurant at the corner of Davis and Eighth streets, according to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.

The shooting occurred about 10:35 p.m. about the same time police got reports of suspicious people at the restaurant, at least one with a gun. The caller said they were not attempting to rob the store, but gunfire was heard just after they left the store.

Responding officers but did not find any of the described individuals or any evidence of a shooting. About 10 minutes later, the victim walked into St. Vincent’s Hospital in Riverside with a single gunshot wound to the right leg.

The man said he was shot by someone he didn’t know while leaving the McDonald’s on Davis Street. He could not provide any information about the suspects.

Officers returned to the McDonald’s to canvass the area again and found the shooting scene on the west side of the parking lot.

The investigating into the shooting is continuing.