August Election Results

400px-Florida_Presidential_Election_Results_2008.svgInstead of us placing the results of all of the political races in the area we cover, here is the link to the state website where you can see everybody election result. Breaks down by county and city.

Welcome to the 2014 Primary Election Unofficial Election Night Results

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Primary Voting is This Tuesday

your-voteAll voting locations in all counties will be open for voting this Tuesday from 7am to 7pm. Check your voting card or supervisor of elections office in your county for the address to the location where to vote.

WJHC Talk 107.5 encourage all voters to turn out for this important event. Show you care about America, your family and neighbors and vote for the person you feel would be best for the job they are running for.

If you don’t vote, your vote will be counted for the winner and it may be somebody you don’t want for the job.

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Early Voting Start in Florida TODAY

voteEarly voting in Florida starts today (including Sunday) and runs to August 23. Check with your local supervisor of elections for times.


  • Encourage a group from your church to vote after your Sunday service.
  • Stop after work and vote. It takes only a few minutes.
  • Take your children with you. It will give them a sense of pride for mom and dad. (and bragging rights)


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Rare Achievement for Freshman Members of Congress

Yoho Bill Signed Into Law By the President, Marks Rare Achievement for Freshman Members of Congress.

yohoWashington, DC – Congressman Ted S. Yoho’s H.R. 1528, “The Veterinary Medicine Mobility Act” (VMMA), was signed into law Friday by President Obama. This is the first bill Congressman Yoho has had signed into law, and now places him among only eight Freshman Members to have had this achievement. The bill makes modifications to the Controlled Substances Act and Drug Enforcement Administration policy that, to date, has prohibited veterinarians from transporting controlled substances to administer and treat patients outside of the registered location.

The Congressman released the following statement:

I was pleased to hear the President signed the VMMA into law today. This bill will not only benefit all who practice large animal veterinary medicine but the farmers and ranchers who rely on them. This law will allow veterinarians to practice their profession without fear of unnecessary government intrusion. I am thankful for my fellow vet and colleague, Representative Schrader’s hard work on this important policy change.

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